Progressive Community Management Closing Documents


Please note that you will be notified by a PCM employee once you have paid for your questionnaire.  You will be asked via email to send the questionnaire that you would like completed.  Please note that we have three tier levels.  If you do not choose the correct tier, your questionnaire will not be completed.  

Tier 3:  51 or more Items that require response - $225

Tier 2:  26-50 Items that require response - $200

Tier 1:  1-25 Items that require response:  $175

 Questionnaires are usually processed within 5-7 business days.

Lender Questionnaire

Please use the option below to order a Questionnaire.
Once all of the selected items have been added to your cart, choose the "Checkout" box to pay with a credit card.  Please note that a PayPal account is not required in order to complete the transaction. Contact your lender or closing agent if unsure of what documentation is needed.

**Most associations will require a completed application before the sale of the unit.  ​Click here to download the free application from the list of our associations.

You will be notified by a PCM employee to send the questionnaire that you would like completed via email.  If you do not select the correct number of items, you will be required to pay for additional items.  This will cause a delay in processing your questionnaire!